In order to run an online business successfully, the merchants and entrepreneurs undertake the huge responsibility of creating a credible and appealing business website. While this might seem simple to many, in reality, one has to go through the challenging task of choosing the correct framework. One should be prudent enough to spot and select the right application which is packed with advanced features and that which will help the business to create a distinct mark for itself online. Today, one can choose from a number of open and closed source frameworks which are extremely suitable for website development. Nevertheless, when one tries to acquire the best among the lot, they always prefer to use CakePHP. After hiring a skilled CakePHP developer, they advance with the work of setting up a functional website which flexible as well as scalable. Initially released in April 2005, CakePHP is one of the most popular, open-source frameworks which makes reference to the MVC or Model-View-Controller model. It supports multiple languages, making website applications easy and adaptable. One of the major advantages of this platform is related to coding. It requires the developer to do minimal coding, thus withholding a dynamic database that everyone can have access to. Hence, one always prefers to base their online business on this platform. There are multiple benefits of designing a website based on CakePHP. These are discussed in details below. 1. Improved Architecture CakePHP is replete with more futuristic engineering concepts along with a remarkable range of software development patterns. Using CakePHP assures one that the logic for business is strict yet segregated naturally from the data and the presentation layers. This way, one is ensured that their application is built with ease, in a simplified manner and one gains a competitive edge in the market. MVC pattern – Through this, data handling is made easy. With the model class, one can insert, delete, update data before it makes an interaction with the model or database. Because of this, one can easily separate the logic from the actual presentation. CakePHP is based on MVC which allow the developers to set up the data model and then connect to a database for easy manipulation in PHP. CRUD Scaffolding – Creating, Reading, Updating, Deleting are some of the most common activities done in web applications. This has a huge benefit since it demands a single line of coding for one to see the preliminary read of the application. CRUD enables a smooth flow of data and management in the entire web application building procedure. No need for Pre-Configuration- Most of the time, the developers have to face the extreme hassle of installations and configurations. However, in CakePHP, one needs to make zero configurations. The options and settings are mostly auto-detected, hence the developer has to configure the settings for the database. Rest is already pre-configured. 2. Low Cost of Development Recently, the top-notch companies in our country like CNBC and Sony have started to rely on CakePHP for their online businesses. This is mainly because of its open-source nature which demands a minimal cost for developing. It is also free for download thus saving one a ton of their company money. 3. Higher ROI By adapting to CakePHP, one can undertake several means and methods for their business to acquire high ROI. High Conversion rates is made possible through this after the developer builds a robust and steady website which delivers consistent performance. The customers spend more time on the website, therefore bringing down the bounce rate. This way, better results are guaranteed for the business. 4. Superior Security CakePHP offers excellent security since it is already set up with advanced, built-in security tools and measures. It promises tamper-proof security via tools for input validation, protection against tampering, CSRF protection, SQL Injection protection, Prevention for XSS etc. All these are standard CakePHP features audited with a codebase which is assuredly foolproof and makes for the most secure website development platform. One should always get their website designed from a good CakePHP development company that comprises of a proficient team of developers capable of giving the business website a new outlook and digital presence.