How Hashtags are helping in engaging customers? When it comes to social media marketing, hashtag plays a completely different role and is not a new trend on social media anymore. In fact, by helping in increasing your social media presence it also helps in building a brand for your business. They make your content viewable by anyone who has an interest in your hashtag as it goes beyond just your followers. Most commonly used on Twitter and Instagram, including a hashtag with your posts helps to categorize content for your audience as it allows people to find posts that are relevant to their interests and interact with other social media users who share similar interests by joining the conversation. But it is equally important to know where, why and how to hashtag as it affects your social media presence tremendously. Why you should hashtag? The hashtag is used to relay important messages to the audience of your choice and is an important tool to reach your clients. Hashtag works on gaining great visibility to your business. The more visibility you get, the more likely you can create a larger audience and a larger audience exponentially increases the likelihood of fresh leads for your business. Using hashtags effectively goes beyond tweets and posts and can boost impressions, make your content more searchable and encourage users to talk about your brand. Hashtag best practices for business marketing on social media Be Mindful of Proper Hashtag Etiquette on Each Specific Network. Use Hashtags That Fit Your Brand. Create Hashtags For Promotions. Keep Them Short And Memorable. Capitalize The First Letter Of Each Word. Use Hashtags In Twitter Chats. Tips for how you can use business and campaign-specific hashtags: With social network updates happening faster than a blink of an eye, using hashtags to raise brand awareness is not as easy as adding # to your target keywords. Certain tips can be used for campaigning specific hashtags. Keep your brand hashtag consistent and unique and use it on all of your social sites. Make campaign hashtags for your social contests and promotions, to generate more engagement and awareness of your marketing efforts. Nowadays, brands must not only rely on popular hashtags but also be aware of emerging trends among consumers and influencers. This helps in optimizing your hashtag usage so social media users don’t miss your posts. To widen their reach among an increasingly global market, more brands use social media analytics tools to change their hashtag marketing strategy and keep up with shifts in trends the second they happen. Conclusion: If you want your business to remain in the competition and relevant to their customers, it must learn to fully utilize social media and use it as a marketing tool successfully. As more social media platforms and features are emerging simultaneously that make marketing to users even easier, businesses need to stay up-to-date on how to use current social media tools, like hashtags, to better connect with and market to their target audience, boost conversions, promote the brand, and increase visibility across all platforms. And If you are lacking the required social media marketing talent, contact BIZADMARK , a advertising agency in New York, where we will help you in providing the specialized services required for social media platforms and further develop your social media, SEO, and creative marketing strategies.