Startups are easily one of the most innovative concepts to have emerged in the past couple of decades. And besides all the creativity and ingenuity they bring, they play a vital part in the global economy. And yet, they remain at a slight disadvantage, especially when compared to bigger corporates and behemoths, irrelevant of the industry they may be involved in. Thankfully, the startup industry is quick on its feet, leveraging myriad technologies and solutions out there in the world to stay ahead of the curve. Web apps have proven to be their most prominent allies in this endeavor. So, it makes sense that web apps have become quite sought-after, yes? Okay, so startups need the web apps to stay competitive in this cut-throat world, but what framework should they build these apps with? While the market has tons of options to offer to enable the development of web apps, there’s one name that has consistently fared as one of the top favorites among startups: ASP.NET. Various reasons make this open-source framework by Microsoft that aims to help developers in a variety of ways. It includes high-level agility, security, and tons of features. After all, it has been used to develop as many as 18 million websites in the world. But if you are still not convinced, here are some more significant benefits that make a strong case for why ASP.NET is ideal for a startup business growth in 2020. Top Advantages of ASP.NET Framework For Startups in 2020: Scalability: One of the critical considerations for any startup is its software’s capability to grow with the business. Hence, scalability remains one of the top concerns, which is quickly taken care of by ASP.NET. Celebrated as a robust resource, ASP is highly conducive for scalability since it provides an ace framework for creating high-quality business apps and that too at a rapid pace. Secure interoperability: Microsoft offers plenty of options that serve to enhance web apps. The most recent example would be that of the Windows 10 IoT, which the ASP.NET developers can easily leverage to integrate IoT in their offerings. Nonetheless, the fact remains to use such resources; ace levels of interoperability is vital to the endeavor. And rest assured that ASP.NET scores top marks in this department as well, so programmers can deliver the kind of advanced web apps and solutions startups need. Safety: Since web apps are a digital endeavor, the concerns about their safety are bound to follow. Thankfully, ASP.NET comes loaded with a plethora of advanced security-related features and provisions. Additionally, it also gets the MVC architecture with the SoC strategy, which further boosts its safety and scalability without ever taking a toll on its interoperability and integration. As evidenced in the discussion above, ASP.NET is indeed an excellent framework for web development, especially for startups and SMEs (Small and medium-sized enterprises). Now, all you need is a trusted custom .NET development company to get started with developing a robust web application for your business.