Before you attempt repairing your broken laptop, you should first consider how severely your laptop is damaged. Moreover, here are 3 important things you need not overlook while attempting repair. 1 – Is your laptop under warranty? The first thing you need to ponder upon is checking whether your laptop is under warranty or not. If the laptop is under warranty, you can get the problem fixed free. You can contact the manufacturer to check warranty expiration date. Usually, people forget to check expiration date in a hurry to get their system repaired. 2 – DIY Methods: If there are minor errors, you can apply DIY methods to repair. There are several online video guides helping you to conduct repair work safely without putting your laptop in danger. Make sure that you try to fix laptop in the clean and organized workspace to avoid further damage. There are several cables and minute parts inside the laptop that you need to carefully handle. Make sure you do not give yourself more work to create another problem such as failure to pull all the important pieces of the laptop back together. So keep notes of the parts and pieces of the laptop while repairing it on your own. 3- Look for a professional: If you think that damage is out of your expertise and is taking too much time, you need to seek a professional advice. Sometimes laptop repair seems daunting and cumbersome take. It is highly recommended to consult with the experts who can help you to get your system fixed immediately. Most of the agencies provide onsite repair work, which means you do not need to bother to go anywhere rather call the experts at your place. Be it office or home, experts can help you with repair services. 4 – Compare Charges: Price matters a lot, therefore, you need to be genuine and rationale while you are hiring the experts. If you consider hiring on-site laptop repair agency in Gurgaon, you need to first ask price quotes from several agencies before finalizing the best one. No one will offer you free services but rationale charges would be the best choice to get your laptop fixed instantly.