Studying for exams is never easy. No matter how many years a person has been studying for and taking various exams, the next one feels like a challenge. And when those exams are testing specific technical subjects, they can become even more difficult. What is the best way to pass such an exam? Here is a guide that will help professionals who are looking to take and pass various IT exams. Studying for the VMWare 2V0-622D One of the most challenging IT exams, the VMware Certified Professional 6.5 Data Center Virtualization Delta Exam (2V0-622D) is designed to test the ability of a professional to install, deploy and scale the VMware vSphere program. Without the test certification, companies will not hire individuals to fill an individual where these duties may be a part of the job. And even though you may be familiar with the program in question, it is not an easy exam to pass. Go Over the Material The first step to passing such an exam is to take a brief overview of the material being tested. Look at the various sections of the test as they are outlined by the test provider. It will help you understand the areas where you are strong – and the areas where you may need to study more. As you look through topics, you will know that you have experience with some of these subjects being tested. It is not just with the 2V0-622D. Other exams, such as the EX200 – Red Hat Certified System Administrator – RHCSA exam provides similar challenges. There are so many subjects being tested. Are you able to handle files, directories and command-line environments? Can you configure local storage using partitions and different volumes? Are you capable of deploying, configuring and maintaining systems? Even those who have practical knowledge of the materials being tested need help. Using Previous Test Questions The sure-fire way of getting a top score on a technical examination is to look at past tests. While it should not be the only aspect of a study program, it must be its culmination. When you have spent a couple weeks going over material and understanding the different concepts, it is time to test your knowledge. And the best way to do that is by looking at questions from the most recent examinations. The 2V0-622D and the EX200 are two of the toughest exams you will experience, even if you know these subjects. Looking at past questions, which you can find at many top exam test question websites, will give you an insight into what you are facing. The benefit of doing past exam questions is that it gives you some preparation for what is coming on the test. You already know the topics, but now you also know how they will be tested. And that is the key. You will not walk into the test and get surprised by a question. You will not be rushed for time, as you have already understood the way these various technical topics will be tested on the day. It is the ultimate way to ace a technical exam.