Sharepoint Intranet sites are by far the best Sharepoint portal. However, not everyone knows how to properly use this platform to build the system they want. Sharepoint Intranet 2010 is arguably one of the best tools on the market, here’s 3 tips to building a good intranet: 1. Use SharePoint Intranet 2010 Build your intranet using Sharepoint 2010. The version was released back in May 2010 and in June 2011 it was give a service pack. It’s a really stable platform that has been tested in the wild for a long time and it really does work. Sure, there are a few kinks and limitations, but they are known and easy to work around. Frankly, there’s very little you need to achieve with your intranet that Sharepoint 2010 Intranet can’t handle. 2. Don’t Customize the Look and Feel You might want your company logo in the top left of every page and your company font has been specially commissioned and labeled “company font #950” which you’re insistent on using. Sure, the links on your website are pretty hues of red and you want them to be the same on your intranet and of course the header should include navigation that expressed your brand. But here’s the thing: none of that actually matters. The intranet is going to be used by your employees and they already know who they work for. They probably have your logo on the pen they’re using or the mouse mat they have or it’s likely plastered on the walls of the office. Your intranet actually has a bigger job to do. It’s a better way of storing document templates and a smarter way in presenting your employee performance data. Essentially the intranet is the workflow engine behind the company processes. Ok, brand is important. It should look the part, yes. But changing the look and feel is time consuming and expensive and so is getting the functionality right. Rather sort out the functionality first and then worry about the branding. Put the effort and time into making a functional content rich intranet that your employees will understand and use. Then go to work branding it. 3. Don’t Finish You Intranet Project! If you decide to finish using the project team once the intranet is built, your project’s going to fail. If you consider your intranet finished ever, you might as well not have bothered in the first place. Putting your new intranet in place is just the start. Once phase one is done, there’s heaps of work to be done. You’ll need content that is fresh and you’ll need it often. Users will need to be trained and refresher courses offered. Your intranet needs to grow and adapt as your organization changes and as new requirements present themselves. Sharepoint can help you with all of this. Use it for the back-end as well as the front-end and create an intranet project team site that will act as a mission control. Sharepoint comes complete with tasks lists, email alerts, calendars and special project site templates. Add to these to your mission control and make it a public site or content visible. The more users see what Sharepoint can do, the more they’ll put in their own efforts.