Yahoo! Mail is one of the initial email services in the world. Countless people today are using its utilities to communicate over the Internet. By singing into your yahoo account you not only able to send emails across your community but also can chat with your friends and do a lot more! So, it seems your world is unimaginable in absence of Yahoo! Mail and internet connectivity. Although you use best practices to safeguard your yahoo account, it is always opened for hackers. They can hack into your emails, your personal data and steal valuable info to use it for them. Here are discussed a few points in detail which will help you safeguard your Yahoo! Mail account from hackers and from any sorts of threat. Try not using public computers for logging in to your email account. Remember that this is one of the easiest means for hackers to breach into security and steal your data. Keeping your password always personal is another important condition to stay free from spamming or hacking issues. Keep changing your account’s password all the time. Though it might be difficult for you but a variable password will be the trickiest thing for a hacker who tries to breach into your email security. Make sure your new password is completely different from older one. This will check any probability to be successfully applied on it and hack it. A good antivirus can effectively protect your PC and email account, so make sure you have installed a good antivirus to your PC. Clean cache, history and cookies before logging out your session. Also, do not remember to log out after each session. Preventive step for phishing emails is essentially required as such sort of emails intend to break into your information. In case your email account is compromised, you can seek for technical help and support from online Yahoo! Mail technical support staff. Such companies tend to provide their customers with instant resolutions for different technical issues including the hacking problem. There are given toll free customer care numbers that you can utilize to contact a technician and seek their assistance to fix an issue. You also can choose from different plans they usually offer to their customers. The cyber world has several third party options to choose from. You should be very careful about choosing the right option for you as many are there just to cheat money of you. Online reviews help greatly in setting a trend about an online company. Alternatively, they can tell a consumer whether or not to use services from a particular service provider. You must pay attention on both positive and negative reviews to reach to a conclusion. Also check if the concerned company asks for payments made through secure channel such as PayPal. Paying through payment gateway helps you greatly when you claim your money if find services not up to the mark. However, finding a genuine company is not too difficult as it sounds to be.