IPTV or which is popularly known as Internet protocol television is more and more becoming famous technology that is meant for carrying the information and the data, Video as well as Audio, all across digital network that is based on Internet Protocol. It might also consist of the Ethernet, LAN or Local area network, WAN as well as internet. On the other hand, set top box with the Video and Audio information can be well streamed over current and updated networks to the computer and TV. As per the latest and updated survey of approximately 6,000 customers all France, United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, the United States and Italy found that about 46% of people do not clearly understand the term IPTV. Thus, in order to help and guide those customers and to clear up their technical confusion and also to guide you to finally jump on the upcoming bandwagon of the IPTV, mentioned below is list of the best 8 things that you must know about IPTV: IPTV which means Internet Protocol Television; thus with it you need to be capable to connect with box to the broadband Internet connection with which you will be able to receive the signals of TV channels on the regular set of television. However, iptv arabic box will provide you with chance to view the Arabic channels. Arabic iptv no subscription will not provide you with the access to see various Arabic channels, on the other hand, you will require to subscribe with various services of the IPTV at extra cost or through service package like Triple Play which are now provided by various cable companies. IPTV provides various channels and so you will be able to easily customize and to choose the channels that you wish to get hold of on the set top box of your TV. Internet Protocol Television also offers the complete cable company or the telephone and many possible to offer extra features as well as services such as VOIP which also means Voice Over IP along with the telephone service and Digital Voice recorder which is also known as DVR. Arabic tv network iptv gives the capacity to use your cell phone for recording the all time favorite TV shows. At the same time, you may also call and message to your set top box and can easily get your shows recorded for you. So, the Desperate Housewives who so not want to miss even a single episode of the show can find this facility to be highly useful. IPTV is not only the video on the web. On the other hand, Video on Internet can be seriously jerky, slow, and grainy and need to get re-buffer several times. IPTV is beyond doubt as good and performing as TV and in various instances it provides the ultimate HD quality of the images, and videos as well.