The last thing you want as a business traveler is dealing with clunky emails, especially on the move. But sometimes, that’s exactly what you’re up against, mostly because the SMTP server of your ISP won’t hold up in transit. It is important to understand that the SMTP server is that part of the emailing process which brings about outgoing email delivery. So, whenever an email is sent out from your device, it is picked up by the SMTP email server and made to reach its destination through a chain of POP/IMAP servers. Generally, the ISP provider is the default source of SMTP services. Your devices are by default configured with the ISP’s SMTP server. It works fine for the most part, except when you move away to a location outside of your ISP coverage. Configuring a non-native ISP’s SMTP server requires some doing and can eat into your time if dealing with email jargons and technicalities is ideally not your thing. This is where Mysendmail helps you come through. Mysendmail is a free SMTP server designed especially for mobile usage. It works by establishing multiple subsidiary SMTP servers, which add up to provide robust email transfers. Moreover, you do not have to go through reconfiguring the device setup every time you move out. The SMTP service is free to sign up and works on all types of devices like the iPad, iPhone, laptop, desktop, PDA and other smartphones. All you need is to create a unique Mysendmail user account and have your device linked to it. Along with devices, you also get the freedom to use any email client of choice. Mysendmail configures with most web and professional email services like Outlook, Eudora, Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and more. There is no particular need for setting up a separate email account. The SMTP services get deployed on your device after signup and work just like your regular ISP’s SMTP. The server comes with built-in TSL/SSL encryption standards that provide multi-layered security for every email communication. From tracking current email delivery to checking on past emails, you have every detail accessible from your personal Mysendmail user account. There is also a wide range of email plans on offer. The baseline plan is free, while high-end plans offer the most complete leverage by being customized to your usage requirements. For customize the best email plan to your advantage and for any additional help on setting up the service and go through the SMTP server FAQs.