A carefully crafted search engine optimization or SEO strategy sends your target readers to your website. After all, they would not likely know where to look for you, save for searches they perform on Google, Yahoo or Bing. To get the most of these search engines, and of the ever-changing algorithms they employ to deliver only the most relevant pages, a review of SEO strategies to drive traffic to your website should help. SEO Tips For Your Business Perform a keyword research. An essential part of SEO strategies is to match what people look for to what you offer. Every day, more than 3 billion searches are done on Google (as of June 2011) and in other search engines like Yahoo and Bing. Find the most-searched words relevant to your business, go for the ones with the lowest competition, and build your content around those keywords. Practice keyword targeting. An effective way to get blog traffic using SEO is to use those keywords in smart places on your pages. When you can, place the keyword in the title or header, and in the first 50-100 words of the article. There are differences in opinion among SEO Adelaide experts as to how dense the keywords should be, but it is better to put keywords where they sound naturally than to force all of 10 or more keywords in a single page. Search engines are likely to mark your page spam if you overdo. It would also help if you use variants of your original keyword and pepper them throughout the page. That way, your human readers won’t get annoyed with the unnecessary keyword repetition. Match the title with the page content. Getting your intended market to your website through SEO is only good when you deliver on your promise. When people get what they look for in your website consistently, they become loyal readers knowing that you offer relevant information as stated on your headlines. Include your keywords in the URL. One of the most effective SEO strategies that is sure to earn you rankings is to include the keywords in the page’s URL. If you would like to share tips on how to find the best accountant in your area, you may want to make your URL to look like this: http://www.adelaideaccountants.info/adelaide-accountants/how-to-choose-the-right-adelaide-accountants. This should be easy to do in your chosen blog platform. The closer your keywords to the domain name, the better the SEO ranking. Weave your keywords in your meta description. One of the best practices in using SEO to boost your rankings is to include your keywords in the meta description tag. Although it is not weighted in your ranking, the meta description increases your chances of click-through. This is the snippet that readers can see when they search for your keyword, and a well-crafted meta description of what the page is about is going to give your readers an idea that what you have on your page is what they are looking for. This means that even if you are not first on the list, if you have the most relevant content (to the readers’ perception), then you most likely would get more visitors than the web pages ranked above you. Sometimes, it is all about crafting your summaries well, and not just about white hat SEO tricks.