A logo is perhaps the most important aspect of giving your brand an image.it can be likened to a building block which will be the foundation of your logo in the future. So make sure you give enough thoughts to the design that you provide to your logo. Geometric designs are often popular themes for logos all around the world. So read this article to check out some fresh geometric logo designs that you can use. Why are geometric designs so popular? Geometry rules our lives. Whether you look at nature or any of the objects lying around your home, a touch of geometry is what defines it. The universe and all its components are based on the basic shapes that form the foundation of geometry. The difficulties of geometry as a design inspiration So, if you are trying to imagine a logo, it is hard to remove the design from geometry and think, out-of-the-box (excuse the pun)! However, geometric designs do have a few issues that need to be sorted out before you adopt them for your logo. For example, each logo that uses a geometric design on its own, without any frills, so to say, can often project a look that is too stark. The corners are often too pronounced and the original shape too obvious. Hence, if you want to use a geometric pattern for your logo, make sure you follow a few pointers. We will discuss these in the paragraphs given below. logo-design-packages Geometric shapes and a few examples of their usage All through the day, all our lives, we might have come across a few amazing examples of logos that have adopted themselves heavily on geometric shapes. However, we may have missed seeing the starkness of the shapes themselves, thanks to the camouflage that they heavily opt for. In the following examples, we will check out some of the more common geometric strategies that have been modified to more subtle designs. 1. Microsoft Amongst the leading brands globally, Microsoft optimizes the use of shapes or geometry to the utmost in its logo. You guessed right! Microsoft has designed a logo which accentuates its diversified portfolio and showcases this diversification with the help of geometry. The Microsoft logo comprises of four boxes or squares in the terms of geometry. The squares joined together to create a bigger square indicating the company itself. The color schemes of each of the boxes too are different, which symbolize the diversified portfolio and workforce that the company takes immense pride in. Clean in its design, yet relying on only the use of geometry, the logo that Microsoft uses also showcases a prime Microsoft product… Windows. The word “Windows” is also associated with the image of a square and hence this is a wonderful example of a logo which showcases its prime product through the help of geometry. microsoft-logo 2. National Geography Every time we see the National Geography logo, we are forced to add emphasis to the predominance of geometry that the brand uses for its design. This is largely because of the rectangular shape that is prominently placed just beside the textual logo. At first glance, the empty, yellow rectangular box can be quite jarring, but not if you check it out with the text that lies beside it. The company uses geometry brilliantly here to showcase the world through the rectangular frame of a camera. It actually showcases the world or nature as we see it. And that is exactly what their business is all about! This trait is also accentuated by the use of the color yellow in the box. Yellow symbolizes the solar energy that signifies the main axis which helps the world run. Continue Reading: https://goo.gl/TvprVj