A physical human body at a time can only be in one place. However, your company brochure can be in many places, depicting a clear picture of your product. It should be built with a motive of helping the customers to reach out their need. An effectual brochure design clearly and concisely describes what a company is about and always conveys good credibility. And hence, catapults the profits of the company by persuading the consumers to take the action whereas on the other hand a poorly constructed brochure always lands down by irritating, confusing and frustrating the customers. We see our customers as invested guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It’s our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better. Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon.com 17 tips explain how to design a brochure that makes your customer delighted and generate sales for you: 1. You should have a clear picture of your objective: The objective of your brochure should be crystal clear in your mind. You have to very sure about your ideas. 2. The growing needs and tastes of your customers: You should be aware of the latest ongoing trends and needs of the consumers. And accordingly, you have to design your brochure. 3. It should be unique, creative and eye-catchy: The brochure should be designed in a very attractive manner such that the viewers are impressed and can long on till the end. 4. Never compromise with paper quality: To make a good impression and promote confidence, mind what paper you use. Choose high-quality paper to stand out among all your competitors. 5. Choose a creative signature Font: Make a signature font for your company, unlike logo. You can either use font for the entire brochure or even you can add one or two more to enhance it up. 6. Don’t hover, go straight with your points: Don’t write unnecessary. Just be particular about your idea. And just write to the point. Don’t increase the line of code unnecessarily. As it frustrates the viewers. 7. Headlines should be focused more: The prior attentions of the viewers are generally drawn by the headlines. A word with uppercase increases readability whereas a lowercase deteriorates the impact of the word. Thus, the headline should be highlighted with ‘upper cases’ and should be underlined. 8. Always avoid big words: Big and complicated words often confuse the views and also decrease the readability. 9. Give value to your content: Write unique valuable content. Don’t copy other ideas, as it won’t work. 10. Avoid long sentences: The sentences should be appreciating and should not build just for the sake of reading because rather than understanding long sentence customers prefer to read small ones. 11. Design should be user-friendly: User-friendly designs attract more viewers and create a great impact. 12. Be very particular about your colors: While designing, one should know how to play with colors. Colors are significantly depicted your product, as they are easy to remember. 13. Never forget to add your call-to-action: An effectual brochure will also serve as a contact sheet which will list your numbers or website’s URL for placing orders either by phone or online. 14. Images: People are visual creatures, so always add attractive images, it will surely catapult their interest in your brochure. 15. Worth keeping: Build your brochure in such a way, it is worth keeping. 16. Give options: People always love options so please your customers with various brochure design options. You need to have more than one brochure design with the same information. This will give the audience the option to choose. 17. Never disclose organizational Benefits: Unnecessary publicizing the company will definitely put a negative impact on the clients because people are more interested to know about their benefits rather than knowing how they are being fooled around. Einstein Says: “Creativity is seeing what everyone has seen, and thinking what no one else has thought.”