Remote database administration or when categorized as oracle remote database administration – are the services that are reliably used 24×7 across all major database platforms. In the presence of such services, management and staffing of data center become a lot easier and smoother. Remote database administration prevails when there are highly skilled DBA teams that are there to assist the company anytime. In the midst of this, entire database monitoring is kept on the core front by the DBA team, but this is not only important for smooth remote database administration. The thing that should not be ignored and should be taken care about is the monitor’s server load. SYSTEM LOAD IMPORTANCE While the database monitoring is important in a full fledged database development company, server load is also very important and requires full monitoring. To understand this well, we need to know how the system load is exactly determined. It is known by the number of processes that share the kernel run in the queue. In case there are not enough CPU cycles to handle the workload, then there are chances that the processes would have to get inline waiting for the CPU to be free. Adding to this there are some commands and utilities that will help in giving a good view of the system’s average load. Such as the uptime command will let you know about the system’s load and the utilities such as TOP and VMSTAT will help while monitoring or keeping a track of the load. All such commands and utilities will serve as a real good help in identifying all those problems that might cause degradation in server’s performance. KNOWING WHAT IS NORMAL FOR YOUR SYSTEM!! How much load your server can handle depends upon the number of configurable areas such as CPU’s memory and the I/O subsystem. In case the system is able to handle heavy loads without any adverse impace then it clearly means that the system is accustomed to handling such heavy loads. You must have a better understanding of what the load averages are during the time when the system is performing perfectly. There are consistent load problems, if the noted performance of the system is bad during high averages and good during low averages. When this is the situation, it is about time that yiou take steps to distribute the load evenly among CPU, memory and I/O loads. WHAT SHOULD BE DONE? To smoothen the oracle remote database administration, now you may understand that how important is to monitor that how much your system is capable of handling the load. For the preventive measure let’s discuss things on a broader perspective. It would be great if you break down the system into low level and high level loads. Adding further, it would be best if the quantity of occupations on the system is decreased thereby increasing the equipment. And lastly, in order to implement the most righteous arrangement the database administrators should go for a very careful investigation that would clear the picture of any circumstance and assist in comprehending the issues perfectly.