Data analytics provides more benefits for major industries today where it is extensively used for strategic, operational and tactical decision-making processes in any field. The e-commerce, retail, healthcare, finance, and sports departs are getting a huge number of benefits via search data analytics approach. when coming to the retail industry there is numerous organization which has been finding a way to improve their current level of business into the further level. In the modern, technological world, users or customers in the retail scenario, are not only accustomed to the digital comfort, but they are also very savvy in terms of using it. The data analytics provides a great way to highly focused on industry benefit. Analytics techniques Analytics play a crucial role in the business process where it helps to’ understand what makes the customer tick’, policies of the retail companies. Through this various functionalities and advantage of data analytics, it helps to move forward in business and create powerful insights to understand what’s right and what’s not in retail through a business analytics dashboard. It also creates insights such as, how would a company be able to increase margins at the product level, it also provides insights on what the customer like, or why the customer would want to buy a certain product. Customer analysis There are numerous retail industries has a competition in their business.It’s no longer sufficient to offer the cheapest price or the best return policy instead the analytics is the best way to find the customer needs quickly. The search based analytics helps to ensure that in-demand items are always in stock, adjusts prices in real time and sends relevant information and timely promotions, customers will get major benefit from a smarter, greater shopping experience and this provides a way to generate a number of customers and increased profit in business. Gain deeper understand ability The greater visualization in business will give deeper understand ability and prevent from various risk factors before they occur. Having data and improved visibility will streamline the analytical process to be much easier and highly beneficial one. This business visibility not only gives the deeper understanding but that will drive brand differentiation and profitability compared to your competitors.