If you are seeking a convenient way to build and create SQL queries without having to learn (SQL or other query languages) and not needing to install any software, then an online SQL query builder is for you. The best web-best query builder is designed to be an easy to use visual tool that will generate complex SQL queries for every database that you have, and you can expect it to be supported by all major databases (Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL and many more). There’s no need to write any line of code at all because its intuitive interface will allow you to build your queries with only a couple of clicks. A reliable SQL query builder can also let you build SQL expressions, apply SQL aggregate functions, and perform a lot more tasks. It’s best to look for a query builder that comes with a free trial period so that you can assess if it meets your requirements. Some can let you create your SQL select statements by simply dragging and dropping database tables from a schema browser to the query builder. Some would even allow you to open as many query tabs as you wish and let you work on different builders simultaneously. For more convenience and ease of use, some query builders display live data preview as you build SQL queries. You can apply different filter conditions on live data, sort results, and select or unselect columns-and you can accomplish all of these even if you don’t have SQL knowledge. You can also export data from a data preview window into various formats such as CSV, PDF and HTML. There’s also an option to export data and directly save on external storage such as Amazon S3 or Google drive if export to external storage is configured. When choosing the best online SQL query builder, look for a robust one that allows you to upload, save, or download SQL via your local file system. It would even be better if it is able to run many queries simultaneously. Make sure that it is easy to deploy, works with cloud databases and on-premises, and provides central security.