Big Data Hadoop is one of the most popular open source platforms that assists in remarkable data management process. In a nutshell, it is basically a framework that helps in processing large sets of data in a distributed computing environment. It can expand from single servers to thousands of machines, each providing computation and storage. Hadoop is a distributed file system that allows for faster data transfer rates between nodes and provides the base for carrying out uninterrupted operations even in case of node failures. This way the risk of catastrophic system failure is diminished, in spite any number of inactive nodes that turn out of action. The main reason that attracts big multinational companies is its low cost of implementation and convenience of operation. According to a report by Allied Market Research, the market for Hadoop is expected rapidly jump from a $1.5 billion in the year 2012 to an around $16.1 billion by the year 2020. It can, therefore, be said that the data management sector has broadened from software and web to more detailed industries such as retail, healthcare etc. This, consequently, has created a good deal of demand for platforms that are more result oriented and cost effective too. There has been huge demand for Hadoop professionals these days. Various multinational companies and huge organizations across the globe are hunting for Hadoop experts. But, the openings are getting filled properly due to scarcity of resources. Companies are not getting enough skilled IT professionals who can fill these empty positions. Therefore, the idea of getting Big Data – Hadoop Training can prove to be beneficial at this demanding situation. Upgrading yourself to the software Big Data – Hadoop can help you attain a greater edge in your professional career. You need to find the most reliable training institute that can provide you best in class Hadoop Training, because pending a few bucks on certification in Hadoop can earn you a lot of benefits. And, your resume can gain more value and projected under good light. Businesses and multi-national organizations state that they use and do analysis of only a low volume of information and majority of it gets wasted. This is because the businesses do not possess enough analytics resources. It is indeed unadvisable to waste so much of data because it can be utilized for various purposes by the organization. Therefore, it is essential to assemble the data and keep it in organized manner. Hadoop helps companies to deal with this issue and store and analyze bulk data easily with its ability of handling enormous data. Hadoop has enabled companies to share data with ease because of its high sharing capability. Companies make use of Big Data Hadoop to enhance the efficiency and functionality of all business units significantly. The business units can be anything such as R&D, design, marketing, sales, advertising, and customer management. Big Data helps to create a repository out of the various sources of data and utilize it efficiently. The process in continuous and scalable. Whether it is your presence over social media or latest mobile apps or any other related services, Hadoop has the ability to serve any purpose. As these activities result in accumulation of huge amount of data every second, the solution should be scalable and fast so that tasks can be done reasonably in secure way. Hadoop has been successful in changing the perception of how Big Data is handled, particularly the unstructured type of data. You need to understand how the Hadoop software library, which is a framework, plays an important role in controlling Big Data. Hadoop makes the excess data to be synchronised for distributed processing system across the groups of computers that use basic programming models. The software solution is justly made to scale up data from one single servers to N number of servers, where every machine offers local storage and computation functionality. Rather than depending on hardware to get high-availability, the library itself is created to analyze and deal with the breakdowns at the application layer. Therefore, offering an efficient service always available along with a bunch of computers is possible. Understanding the trends and demand of Big Data Hadoop, and the market demand it is a wise move to take up courses on Big Data and prepare yourself for serving the demanding market.