SketchUp has the capability to create precise 3D models swiftly in an easy to use interface without compelling users to learn complicated tools or workflows. SketchUp has a unique way of prioritizing the design, and LayOut offers the conduit to communicate your design on paper. SketchUp works wonders for architects as in SketchUp training, architects learn a step by step workflow that lets them eliminate CAD from their workflow, focus on their design and produce beautiful construction documents for each phase of design, including Design Development, Schematic Design and Construction Documentation. SketchUp for Architectural Documents SketchUp entirely changes the way your construction documents look by adding color and textures to exemplify the building materials. It introduces fog and shadows to portray a sense of depth in your viewports. Also emphasizes important elements using vector rendered linework viewports. Entirely illustrated construction documents not only look great but they help communicate more clearly. The clients, building officials and construction teams will appreciate the ease in which they can interpret your drawings which means you’ll experience quicker approvals and fewer questions in the field. Theory of Constraints The theory of constraints is an organizational change method that’s focused on profit enhancement. The necessary concept of TOC is that every organization needs to have at least one constraint. A constraint refers to any factor that restricts an organization from getting more of whatever it strives for, which is generally profit. The theory of constraints defines a set of tools that change agents can use to manage constraints, thus enhancing profits. Most businesses can be seen as a linked set of processes that transform inputs into saleable outputs. In the AEC industry also, working with real time constraints in SketchUp immensely helps architects and the business overall. Since the focus only requires being on the constraints, implementing this theory can result in considerable enhancement without tying up a great deal of resources. SketchUp quite easy to use It’s estimated that around 5 million regular and active individuals use SketchUp daily, with the total going over 30 million. This tool is not at all difficult to learn and there are several SketchUp training centres in Mumbai that also provide effective SketchUp training. SketchUp Make and SketchUp Pro SketchUp Make and Sketchup Pro proves to be very useful to architects, wherein they can Create 3D models of buildings, interiors, furniture, landscapes and more Customize the SketchUp interface to replicate the way they work Share 3D models as scenes, walkthrough animations or printouts with realistic light and shadows. They can also print models onto a 3D printer Import files from other 3D modeling programs or tools, or export your SketchUp file for use with other popular modeling and image-editing software SketchUp has been very effective to architects and the AEC sector on the whole as the drawings can be easily created with it without any hassle. Also the time and money saved with comparison to 2D & 3D drawings are worth a million, so it proves to be highly beneficial to businesses.