You need a computer that is going to help you have the information you need to spot the best trends. This is vital to you making instantaneous profits. Your processor is going to allow you to harness the real time information you need daily. Successful traders always have accurate information. Your success is dependent upon the accuracy of this information. You need this to be able to spot an upward trend. Just the slightest bit of lag could cost you a huge profit. In order to receive this speed of information, you need a lightning fast processor. The biggest concern you might have with the processor in your Multi-monitor trading computers is that it could become underpowered. Technology is advancing at a rapid pace. You don’t want to have a processor in your computer that is going to be outdated in a few short years. One way to avoid this is to make sure you buy a processor that benchmarks high enough for trading. Most standard computers are not going to have processors that benchmark at this level. This tells you that you need to invest in a quality processor or down the line you are going to pay for not installing this in the first place. Just like most technology, processors have a limit to how long they are useful. This just means that the technology companies will eventually come out with some thing faster. Taking this into consideration, this also means that there are processors that are already obsolete but are still being marketed to the standard computer user. You are a super computer user because of the tasks that you place on your computer each working day. You use the power and speed of your computer to a greater extent than that of the next person. Knowing this will allow you to make a better decision about what type of processor to install in your trading computer. The lifespan of your processor and trading computer should be 3-5 years. This is with proper maintenance and care. Your day trading computer should be able to last up to the 5-year mark. Your multi monitor trading pc will need to maintain a constant ideal temperature to make sure that your trading computer doesn’t encounter heat damage. Dust can be another culprit for damaging computers. This can act like insulation on your hardware. Your processor needs to be cooled by its own fan. This can get gummed up with dust and won’t be as efficient at cooling. This could seriously degrade the life span of your processor. Since this component is so crucial to your trading computer performance, it is important do take steps to maintain the speed of your processor.