The major metrics that consumers can use to view how many users are installing each version of Windows is the current market share. As of October 2014, Windows 7 has the lion’s share of the world market at 53%. Because XP is now unsupported by Microsoft, it has dwindled from 25% down to 17%. The most deceiving percentage of all is Windows 8, which just experienced a huge boost because of the back to school crowd buying new laptops. These users are forced to use windows 8 because the new off-the-shelf laptops come with Windows 8 pre-installed. This has helped the market share move to 11%. These percentages help outline exactly what percentage of the market has chosen to install Windows 7 versus Windows 8. As you can now see the vast majority of the market has chosen to align with Windows 7. The current market share is just over fifty percent. You might wonder how this relates back to Traders. Many of the same issues that standard users encounter are the same issues that traders face with Windows 8. The user interface and overall workflow is a huge issue. Many traders are migrating from XP because of the end of Microsoft support. To make this migration as easy as possible, users have chosen to move from XP to Windows 7 because of the similarities in workflow and usability. Windows 8 has been found to be too far of a leap from XP. Many traders had used XP for the extremely long run it had on the market at 13 years. Windows 8 was designed to coincide with the mobile experience, making it very mobile centric for a desktop operating system. Traders have chosen to keep their experience consistent on their trading computer by sticking with Windows 7. Compatibility is a huge issue also. Trading Platforms are the center of the trading world. At this point, the entire market has not created their platforms to be compatible with Windows 8. For this fact alone, many traders are completely dismissing this as a viable platform for their stock trading computers. As a long time trader, I wouldn’t even mess with a platform that wasn’t compatible with my preferred trading software. The last complaint traders have about Windows 8 is the lack of stability. Distractions are a enormous concern during the time the markets are open. Most traders will do anything not to be distracted while they are executing their tops trades. This means that some traders don’t even turn on their cell phone during the day for fear that it will create an unnecessary distraction. An unstable operating system just seems like a welcome invitation to a whole bunch of distractions traders don’t want.