Buying a PC is a tough job, but initializing and setting it up is a whole new headache. From getting it out of the box to running your first program we are here to assist you to make your first PC experience better and to make sure that your PC remains as good as it was the first time you started it. We are here to provide you these new PC setup tips to make sure it is safe and secure for you to have a better PC experience. Unloading and Uploading: The first challenge for you is to take out all the contents from different packing and assembling it back together. Before that you need to check if you have all the contents to work upon. Read out the instruction manual, double check the provided hardware and don’t forget to ask your PC provider if he has missed out on any hardware. ‘Bloatware’ deduction Don’t be alarmed if you see a whole lot of shortcuts on your desktop screen. These all applications are pre-installed on your systems, which are trial versions of software like games, anti-virus applications, Microsoft office trials and many others. They are known commonly as ‘Bloatware’. They pose no threat to your system so don’t be worried, however new PC setup tips say you should remove them in order to keep your PC experience reminder free. If you wish to keep them, you can but in any case you do not want them, just follow the steps. Go to start menu, control panel. Now select the Program and features icon. Select the application you wish to remove, right click and select uninstall. The application will be uninstalled. However be careful not to delete any important system software. If you do not recognize an application, leave it as it is. Security Program Installation: Coming to the security part, which is the most necessary installation required. Microsoft provides a free trial version of Microsoft Security essentials in every Windows 7 PC. It provides a great firewall protection and is really secure. However if you choose not to upgrade it to full version, there are many good anti-virus applications available in market namely, McAfee total protection and Norton Internet protection. If you wish to use any free security program Zone alarm’s free firewall is a really good application. System Backup: PC’s comings in the market now-a-days don’t come with installation media that was present previously for installing version 7 of windows. So if your hard disk fails in the future you have no way to regain the windows 7. Hence the new PC setup tips suggest that you contact your PC providers regarding the creation of system backup drives. We are living today in an age, dependent completely upon your PC, and hence your PC needs to be safe and secure which can only be if you give your computer a good start. With the new PC setup tips provided above will make sure you have a hassle-free and good PC experience.