Buildings should be constructed to meet the purpose. The architecture of the building should be in such a way that people coming there should feel it. Whenever you enter a church you will feel the sanctity inside it only when there is calmness and presence of saintliness, other than warmth and coolness. It’s the work of a good architecture to give each building shape and structure that blends with its purpose. Whether it is private, public, indoor or outdoor constructions, the life of the building is in its design. If the design of the building is good, then the whole construction process will get a new energy. Thus the outcome will be fabulous. Just like the saying – first impression is the best impression, in the case of buildings the appearance of it is what will strike at spectators’ eyes. If the design is good then it will be automatically conveyed with their expression. Many will have difference of opinion on this matter. But, design is still have an important place in the building plan. Other than the appearance the other factors that an make a building ideal for proposed task is its functionality, safety, alignment of rooms, economical status and interior designs. When the buildings are functional, safe and economical then people start using it and thus meeting the purpose of the construction. The location of the building is plays a key role in meeting the purpose of the construction. The location and the topography have to be considered before planning a structure in a particular location. You should call professional surveyor to conduct a survey plan. An experienced surveyor is able to tell you which type of location is suitable to construct a building. Checking the topography of a land is essential to ensure that the construction is carrying out in the right place. A good survey plan is able to help in deciding the elevations and frontage of a building. A building drawing done by a professional architect can help in making the building structure lively and living-friendly. An architect is involved in the construction process from the beginning to till the end of the construction project. Their duties involve designing, engineering, managing, supervising, communicating, making changes as per requirement and acting as a communicator between builders and the clients. It is the duty of the architects to communicate the design clearly to the contractors and the clients. The construction supervisors and the workers are able to carry out the work successfully only if the message conveyed by the architect is clear and straightforward. A perfect building is the result of the perspirations and aspirations of many people. If all the ingredients are nicely blended in desired quantity then we will be able to view a nicely created structure that can be shown as a good example of a marvelous creation. Nowadays many have started using laser scanners for land scanning and building scanning. If the building drawing and floor plan drawing are done correctly then we can expect a structure that matches with the design.