Do you need to worry about your website grammar and spelling? Yes of course! Although there’s still no official answer about this being a direct ranking factor, in Google’s case is less than Bing’s, we can say for certain that user experience is worth important from an (SEO) Search Engine Optimization perspective. The two statements were made a couple of years ago Google five years, Bing two years and also, since then search-engines algorithms have advanced a lot. Current algorithms are much more than capable and fast for detecting a bad user experience, which bad typos and poor spelling are an important contributor. However, that is not all of it. Recently, Google made known one of the most important SEO related announcement; they have launched an (Artificial Intelligence System) to see the pages as the user sees them as well as detect bad typos and poor spelling from a user experience with even greater certainty. Google made an AI machine which called RankBrain and is considered to be the third most important ranking factor. Rankbrain is an advanced computer program; this is part of the Hummingbird algorithm, used to provide better search results. This AI machine software is in its early days and will almost certainly take some months to learn to see sites like users do. But, to avoid getting trapped in the middle, you ought to start today. Compared to the intricacy and time used to optimize other important factors, for example proofreading your content is important you do it with easy is a piece of cake. Recently, you should be hearing about Senior Product Manager at Bing, Duane Forrester, has been publishing lots of useful articles and blog posts with his latest one being how poor spelling and typos and grammar can affect search rankings. In his post takes a firm stand against poor spelling, typos and grammar, clearly stating it has an impact on search rankings. This is a position Google has never taken, or even at least they have never expressed their position on spelling, typos and grammar as clearly like Bing has. He states that Google has their Panda algorithm that helps weeds out poor quality content and also allows the good quality content to rank higher, however when judging high quality content it’s unclear to what level spelling, typos and grammar comes into play. To help you out with these problems here are some things to do Website optimization and website audit tools can help you out negate these problems like Keywords are the basis of driving traffic to your website. When misspelled keywords this can affect a website’s keyword ranking No matter what you’re writing, it’s important to understand your target audience, which means knowing what search terms they’re typing into Google. Making use of SEO website analyzer tools in your content efforts is the best and most effective way to improve content optimization and website ranking on Google first page. However seo audit tool will help you stay right on track because, by analyzing your entire site, it will provide tips and suggestions to help improve your search engine tactics and Google rankings. Conclusion However, we do not know certainly if grammar, spelling and typos are a direct ranking factor for SEO, it’s clear that it is very important for the user experience, which with the introduction of (artificial intelligence machines) like RankBrain, is gaining lots of weight among the most important ranking factors. And when considering the intricacy and the time devoted to other important factors such as backlinks or even content creating, the extra five to ten, or twenty minutes to check your grammar and spelling and, typos are a good deal! I know, I’m sounding like a broken record, but grammar and spelling and, typos are very important!