The youth of today are very much engrossed in the newer form of technologies and this is a good habit as it is going to take you to places. The science and technologies have graduated a lot from the simple light filament utilisation. Apart from the burning interest, understanding advanced science also have the capacity to open up newer field of opportunities to work on and create a great career. Hence, the youngsters should be enrolling in robotics classes in Kharadi to know more about the future prospects of robotics. When it is about the robotics, there are certain aspects that makes it different from any other stream. The classrooms are invigorated with knowledge of all kinds relating to technology. The students learn about the applications, coding and sensors which makes it different from others. There is less of theory and more of practical knowledge which is fascinating to learn. The course have been set in such a way that students develops a dynamic mindset which helps them to think and rethink on a single plan and create ways to solve a problem. This mindset is definitely going to help the students in their long life. This might be similar to computer learning, but there is a lot of hand-work as well. Students are required to work on robotic parts and create functioning machines where sitting in front of the computer is just a part and not the whole. This give the students the scope to be away from computer screen. It has been viewed that prolonged exposure to computer screen hampers the concentration power of the kids to a greater level. This is not the case with robotics as students work on projects which needs physical participation. There have been a surge in the education system and thanks to the present government and the earlier ones which have given the country’s youth the chance to think beyond the inevitable. Who knew that this field of study will be available to students of six years! Similarly, nobody had ever thought that there will be robotics classes in Kharadi or any other parts of India. The kits were also inaccessible to the common students, but the latest and advanced kits are equipped with sensors and light detectors that can be coded widely through computer programming and coding. Everything of this magnitude will cost high! You will be wrong if you think so. These are affordable and within the reach of everybody. There are various parts of a robot, and it will only be functional if all the parts work together. The students gets a hands-on experience with the kits where he is required to build an operational robot and code it for the working. Starting from simple assembling, the students work towards building multitude robots gradually. The students also grow their social mingling character as they have to work in a team to finish off making a robot. These are some of the features and benefits of learning in a classroom the knowledge of robots.