In today’s digitized world, where e-Commerce is quickly gaining attention Online shopping has hit high records. Running a successful e-commerce site has become more challenging in recent years due to online scams. Companies want to make it as easy as possible for their customers to buy products while taking the proper precautions to ensure security and deter digital frauds. Adding layers of security checks can increase the complexity of the checkout process, driving potential customers away. Many sites offer products that can be sold to customers over the age of 18, making it more complex, failing to do so results in paying penalties to the regulatory authority. A recent identity verification technology, has the potential to change the e-commerce landscape, making it easier than ever to verify a customer’s identity, without making transactions overly complex for consumers. Identity Verification For e-Commerce: Here are 3 reasons you should be looking at identity proofing system for your e-commerce website: Reduce Fraudulent Orders: Online frauds are increasing day by day. Online businesses are more prone to fraud. Cases of identity theft and credit card fraud are clamping in e-commerce. Businesses often receive requests for refunds when a fraudulent transaction made. To combat this ongoing threat, it’s more important than ever for e-commerce businesses to verify customer identities or face the consequences and costs of chargebacks resulting from fraudulent transactions. An identity verification solution helps in combating the potential for fraud by verifying users remotely. Reduce Shipping Error: Identity verification makes your shipping operation more accurate and efficient. By verifying a customer’s shipping address, you eliminate sending orders to the wrong place, which causes unnecessary delays and angry customers. Using identity verification ensures customers receive packages at the right address while reducing shipping costs and time spent on customer support inquiries. It also helps build the trust of the customers. Make Online Ordering Convenient: One of the leading causes of shopping cart abandonment is the complexity of many online shopping cart systems. Customers often need to input information multiple times, increasing the likelihood that they give up or input information incorrectly. Using identity verification technology you can give your customers the opportunity to scan their information directly into the system, paving the way for quicker, more accurate transactions. This saves customers time, increases sales and reduces customer support costs. Make Mobile Transactions Safer With more and more customers using their smartphones and tablets to make purchases online, it’s more important than ever to provide solutions to identify and protect users on the move. Identity verification solutions can eliminate unnecessary typing for mobile users, while accurately identifying each user for secure, trusted mobile transactions. Easily Implement Compliance Requirements: Whether you need to verify the age of your customers or comply with growing state and federal regulations, identity verification is an important step in the process, allowing you to cover your bases, while preventing potential lawsuits. Bottom line is that there are more than a few reasons to consider identity verification technology for your e-commerce website. If you’re interested in reducing chargebacks and fraudulent orders, improving the accuracy of your shipping operations, and making mobile transactions more secure, while also making it easier for customers to buy your products, identity verification could